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Continuum Mechanics

Continuum Mechanics (UE S1-7)

Outline of the course

  1. Continuum limit, conserved quantities and continuity relation
  2. Diffusive processes: macroscopic laws (Fourier's for heat, Fick's law for mass) and microscopic models (random walk, Langevin equation)
  3. Stress tensor and the general equation of motion
  4. Elasticity theory: strain tensor, elastic energy, Hooke's law, isotropic solids, full solution of a few static deformation problems, elastic wave propagation
  5. Fluid kinematics: Lagrangian and Eulerian motion, deformation of fluids, mass conservation
  6. Fluid dynamics: Newtonian viscous stress tensor, Navier-Stokes equation, boundary conditions, Reynolds number, other conservation laws, unidirectional and incompressible flows, perfect fluids, potential flows, vorticity


  • written exam

Prior knowledge

elementary mechanics course


  • Lev D. Landau, "Theory of Elasticity", Pergamon, 1970
  • Étienne Guyon, Jean-Pierre Hulin, Luc Petit, Catalin D. Mitescu, "Physical Hydrodynamics", Oxford, New York, 2001

course volume

  • lectures: 28 hours
  • tutorials: 26 hours
  • ECTS: 4