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Fundamental Basics of Science

Fundamental Basics of Science (UE S1-4)

The 'Fundamental basis of science' lecture aims to provide a basic knowledge of physics to ensure that students will be able to follow the other courses of the master. The lecture will start with a general test of knowledge in physics for all M1 students. Depending on the results, the teachers will decide for which students the lecture will be
compulsory (it is highly recommended for students who do not have a bachelor in physics). Lectures and tutorials will contain elements of crystallography, quantum physics, electrical and optical properties of matter, statistical physics, vibrations and wave‐propagation phenomena. Practicals will be done on crystallography and black
body spectroscopy.


  • Final written exam


  • Charles Kittel, "Introduction to Solid State Physics", Wiley, New York, eighth edition, 2004
  • Solid State Physics, N. W. Ashcroft & N. Mermin
  • Principles of optics, M. Born & E. Wolf
  • Physical Chemistry, R. Atkins & J. de Paula

course volume

  • lecture: 22h
  • tutorial: 4h
  • practicals: 4h
  • ECTS: 3