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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (UE S3-15)

This course introduces the main aspects of industrial property, that is to say, intellectual property rights that protect the results of industrial activity, such as patents, trade marks, utility models, and protected designs. The main focus is on patent protection at the national and international level, on the importance of industrial property as a resource of an enterprise, and on its role in project management.

Outline of the course

  • Intellectual property
    • Structures and professions in industrial property
    • Definitions: intellectual property and industrial property
    • elements of industrial property: patents, trademarks, designs, and utility models

  • Patents
    • Definitions, conditions, and exclusions of patentability
    • Structure and costs of patent applications
    • Statistics on pantents
    • The Soleau envelope
    • Valorization of patents, licensing
    • Patent protection, infringement and sanctions

  • International protection
    • Priority of invention
    • National patents
    • European patents
    • The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)
    • Criteria of patentability in Europe and the United States

  • Patent search
    • Search for prior art
    • Exploitation
    • Technology scouting and competitive intelligence
    • Patent databases

  • Hot topics
    • Software patents
    • Patents on living organisms


  • Final written exam

course volume

  • lectures/tutorials: 30 hours
  • ECTS: 3