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Nano-Optics and Biophotonics

Nano-Optics and Biophotonics (UE S3-1)

The main topic of this course is the control of light at microscopic and nanoscopic scales. The interaction between photons and different media is considered, including semiconductors, dielectrics, metals and biologic media. Different kinds of applications are introduced, ranging from information transfer and data processing to biosensing.

Outline of the course

The course is divided in 15 lectures and two practicals:
  • Lecture 1: Introduction to photonics, microphotonics, nanophotonics,
    and biophotonics
  • Lecture 2: Basic knowledge of optics
  • Lecture 3-4: Guiding light
  • Lecture 5-6: Localization of light (cavities, photonic crystals,
  • Lecture 7-8: Absorption, Emission, Laser Physics
  • Lecture 9-10: Plasmons
  • Lectures 11-12: Biophotonics, single molecules and optical tweezers
  • Lecture 13: Opto-fluidics
  • Lecture 14: Non-Linear Guided Optics
  • Lecture 15: Bibliography and Research Articles on Micro- and Nanophotonics
  • Practical 1: Simulation of photonic devices and circuits
  • Practical 2: Characterization and testing of microlasers


  • written exam
  • graded reports on lab practicals


Bahaa E.A. Saleh, Marvin C. Teich
"Fundamentals of Photonics"
Wiley, New York, second edition, 2007

course volume

  • lectures: 30 hours
  • practicals: 8 hours
  • ECTS: 5