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Nanoelectronics (UE S3-11)

This course deals with nanoelectronic devices whose design goes beyond the CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) technology. It discusses different technological approaches and the architectures that are adequate to complement or replace those that are presently used in microelectronics.

Outline of the course

  • Introduction
    • From micro- to nanoelectronics
    • Bottom-up and top-down approaches

  • Single electron transistors (SETs)
    • Principle of operation
    • Application to electrometers
    • The influence of offset charges
    • Hybrid logic circuits SET-FET
    • Transmission of information by quantum-dot cellular automata (QCAs)
    • Quantum information processing

  • Single-electron memory (SEM)
    • Principle of operation
    • Intrgation on silicon
    • Multi-bit storage

  • Devices based on quantum wires
    • Carbon-nanotube devices
    • Devices based on semiconductor nanowires
    • Examples of reconfigurable logic circuits

  • Fast devices
    • Tunnel junctions
    • Resonant tunneling
    • Nano-electromechanical devices (NEMs)

  • Post-silicon technology
    • Molecular electronics
    • Neural networks


  • written exam
  • graded report and oral presentation on a scientific article

course volume

  • lectures/tutorials:  17 hours
  • presentations: 3 hours
  • ECTS: 2