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Nanomechanics (UE S2-1)

The mechanical properties of nano‐objects determine both the behaviour of NEMS as the mechanical response of materials based on those nano‐objects. This course will provide the basis of mechanics at the nanoscale to explore the different applications both in devices, as cantilavers or electro‐mechanical nanosensors and in material science as for nanosintered materials or nanocomposites.

Outline of the course

The course is divided into two parts that are introduced through concepts, examples and exercises:

A. Mechanics of nanosystems and nanomaterials
  • Mechanical characteristics of materials
  • Nanomechanics of individual nanomaterials: nanotubes, fullerenes, nanocrystals
  • Nanomechanics of assembled nanomaterials: from homogeneous to heterogeneous systems (nanocomposites)
  • Production of nanomaterials by mechanical means
  • MEMS in everyday live
  • NEMS Fabrication. Nanofab. Resonators
  • RF Switch MEMS
  • NEMS of low dimensional systems


  • written exam
  • participation to exercises solving

Prior knowledge

Bachelor-level education (three years) in engineering, physics, chemistry, or a related field


The proposed references only cover some parts of the program:

course volume

  • lectures: 20 hours
  • tutorials: 10 hours
  • ECTS: 3