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Nanotechnology for Energy and Environment



- Global challenges in Energy and Environment

- Thermodynamics constraints


- Introduction and basics of photovoltaics

- Real solar cells and efficiency limitations

- Solar cells technology and fabrication

- High efficiency c-Si solar cell

- Thin film solar cells

- Multijunction solar-cells

- Terawatt objectives and critical materials

- Practicals (4h):  minority carriers lifetime / Quantum efficiency measurements

C. Transport of current and nanomaterials

- Principles of power cable technologies and applications.

- Materials, physical properties and manufacturing technologies.

- High conductive nanomaterials and composites

- Superconductors and applications. Nanomaterials opportunities

D. Energy storage

- Electrochemical batteries

- Supercapacitors

- Fuel cells

 E. Nano and Environment

Project study on research works using nano-materials for environment preservation : depollution of soils, water and atmosphere, carbon dioxide sequestration,...

Other subjects not treated during the course as thermoelectric materials and devices, photosynthesis, thermal insulation, can also be treated here.

course volume

  • ECTS: 3