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Drug-Delivery Systems

Drug-Delivery Systems (UE S2-4)

The objective of this course is to introduce student to the use of
nanotechnology for the development of new type of probes and
therapeutic agents capable of targeting define molecular and
cellular events inside the body.

Outline of the course

1. General introduction, Principle and hopes
2. How to design nano for imaging, vectorisation and drug delivery?
  2.1. Molecular synthesis
  2.2. bio‐nano‐objects : inorganic synthesis
  2.3. bio‐nano‐objects : organic synthesis
3. Medical Imaging
Description of the main classes of medical imaging technology and
the use of nanotechnology in cellular and molecular imaging
  3.1. Nuclear imaging and nanometric probes
  3.2. Optical imaging, intravital microscopy and fluorescent probes
  3.3. Magnetic Resonance imaging and magnetic nanoparticles
4. Vectorisation and Therapy
  4.1. Magnetic vectorisation and therapy
  4.2. Photodynamic therapy
  4.3. Biochemical vectorisation of drugs and vaccins


  • Intermediate written exam
  • Final oral exam

Prior knowledge

course volume

  • lecture: 20h
  • tutorial: 5h
  • practicals: 3
  • seminar: 2h
  • ECTS: 3