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Practical Information

We have collected practical information and links to resources that we hope will be useful for current and future students. The information in this section is organized as follows:
  • Studying in France gives you an overview of the general conditions of and requirements for being a student in France; it covers residence permits, social security and health insurance, costs of living, housing, and similar topics.

  • NSE-Specific Information deals with the administrative procedures and the daily routine of our Master course, providing, among other things, details on the enrollment process and fees, campus maps and public transportation.

  • Living in Lyon offers general information on what life in Lyon is like; it discusses the history of Lyon, its location and climate, as well as cultural events and leisure activities in and around the city.
  • Coming to Lyon to find out about welcome services.

If you have further questions or suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to contact us.