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Overview of the Program

The Master of Nanoscale Engineering: Profound Expertise in an Innovative Field

The program of the Master of Nanoscale Engineering offers a well-rounded selection of the relevant expertise in nanoscience and nanotechnology. Below you will find an overview of the philosophy and objectives of the program, an introduction of the participating academic institutions and a description of the technological infrastructure that ensures comprehensive training in state-of-the-art techniques.



The Nanoscale Engineering program is dedicated to a multidisciplinary and international approach and it is suited equally well for students planning an academic or an industrial career. The two-year curriculum provides both the theoretical basis and the practical expertise in all fields related to the fabrication, the characterization and the design of nanoscale structures and systems.

The program benefits from support by the technological platforms of three key laboratories in Lyon, as well as by major corporations in the Rhone-Alpes region. Courses start in September each year. For further information on the application procedure, the curriculum, and the costs of studying and living in Lyon, please consult the sections "How to Apply", "Curriculum", and "Practical Information", respectively.

Academic Consortium

The Master of Nanoscale Engineering is conducted under the aegis of the University of Lyon by a consortium of three renowned institutions: the École Centrale de Lyon, the INSA de Lyon, and  the Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1.

All lectures, laboratory practicals, internships and thesis projects are carried out in close collaboration with research laboratories in Lyon and they often involve international partners. This strong link between research and education ensures a continuous improvement of the program to reflect the progress of science and technology in this innovative and rapidly-evolving field.

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Scientific and Technological Infrastructure

The state-of-the-art nanotechnology platforms and infrastructure of the École Centrale, the INSA and the Claude Bernard University, representing an overall technological investment of over 10 million euros, are made available to the students for their experimental work and practical training, including:
  • the NanoLyon cleanroom facilities (7 million €)
  • the Lyon Electron Microscopy Consortium (3 million €)
  • the nanoparticle synthesis and characterization platform (1.5 million €)
  • the NanOpTec center of nano-opto-technologies (1 million €)
  • the spark plasma sintering platform (0.5 million €)

Industrial Partners

The Master of Nanoscale Engineering program is supported by several companies and organisations in the Rhône-Alpes region:
For further information on the contacts of the NSE program with industry, please consult the list of contributors to our seminars, as well as the range of Master thesis projects.

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