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Functional Materials

Functional Materials (UE S3-4)

This course introduces to the use of nanomaterials in different practicals applications in the sectors of health, environment, energy harvesting/storage or transport (automotive, aeroautics, naval,...).

Outline of the course

1. Introduction (4h)

2. Challenges (6h)

3. The sectors :

a.Health (10h)
Biomaterials and active implants, diagnosis and treatment of
diseases (cancer, cardiovascular problems, anti -immune
diseases) , targeted drug .

b. Environment (10h)
Materials for thermal insulation, sound insulation, less energy
consuming materials for an industrial production.
More durable materials including technological design like a
material able to report its state of damage or even to "selfrepair".

c. Energy (10h)
Materials for storage or transport of energy: electronic or ionic,
inorganic or organic conductors, for electrodes and electrolytes
for batteries or fuel cells, electricity conductive materials, new
thermoelectric ...
Materials for lighting or viewing, with low consumption, LEDs,
organic or polymers electroluminescent devices, for flexible
display or organic diodes, transparent ceramics, electro-optic
materials, phosphors ...

d. Transport (10h)
Lightweight materials, resulting in a significant reduction in the
weight capable of inducing significant energy savings in the
automotive, aeronautics, naval... used to produce structural
components or moving parts.


  • Final written exam

course volume

  • lecture: 30h
  • tutorial:20h
  • seminar: 2h
  • ECTS: 6