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Introduction to System Design

Introduction to System Design (UE S2-3)

The combination of nanoscale elements to form complex functional systems on microscopic and  macroscopic length scales is the natural domain of application for nanotechnology, This principle already finds wide application in several economic areas, for example microelectronics, transportation and healthcare.
This course provides for the understanding, the analysis, and the integration of such systems. The notion of a system and its conception, from the vintage point of students of nanotechnology, is explored via a case study. The students will thus acquire the technical competence for the specification, the analysis and the optimization of systems which rely on phenomena on multiple size scales.

Outline of the course

  • Introduction
    • The notion of a "system"
    • Examples of systems and size effects (the system is more than the sum of its parts)

  • Design Methodologies
    • Functional and structural analysis
    • Representations: programs and organigrams
    • Design methods: bottom-up and top-down

  • Methods and tools for top-down design
    • Frameworks for the simulation of systems (FEM, ODE, discrete time steps, ...)
    • Modeling of systems (Simulink, VHDL-AMS, systemC-AMS, ...)
    • Optimization techniques


  • two written exams

course volume

  • lectures/tutorials:  20 hours
  • practicals: 8 hours
  • ECTS: 2