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Micro-, Nano-Photonics and applications

Micro-, Nano-Photonics and applications (UE S3-1)

The main topic of this course is the generation, the manipulation and the detection of light at microscopic and nanoscopic scales. Different kinds of applications are introduced, including information and data processing, solar energy harvesting and life sciences..


  • Final written exam
  • Intermediate written exam
  • Graded reports on lab practicals
  • Evaluation of literature review


  • Bahaa E.A. Saleh, Marvin C. Teich “Fundamentals of Photonics” Wiley, New York, second edition, 2007

course volume

  • lecture: 32h
  • tutorial: 6h
  • practicals: 10h
  • seminar: 2h
  • ECTS: 6