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Physics of Semiconductors, part 2

Physics of Semiconductors, part 2 (UE S3-3)

The course presents the fundamental concepts and purposes of semiconducting nanostructures. It shows how the size reduction of semiconducting materials can lead to fundamental technological breakthroughs. In particular, the tailoring of the properties of electronic or phononic transport as well as of light emission are illustrated through recent examples (superlattices, 2D electron gas, quantum cascade lasers) and potential applications (nanowire transistors, single photon sources).


  • Written exam
  • Graded reports on lab practicals
  • Evaluation of problem based learning activity

Prior knowledge

Physics of Semiconductors, part 1 (or an equivalent introduction to the physics of semiconductors)


  • Peter Y. Yu and Manuel Cardona, "Fundamentals of Semiconductors: Physics and Materials Properties", Springer-Verlag, Berlin, fourth edition, 2010
  • Claus F. Klingshirn, "Semiconductor Optics", Springer-Verlag, Berlin, third edition, 2007
  • Christophe Delerue, Michel Lannoo, "Nanostructures: Theory and Modeling", Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2004.

course volume

  • lecture: 20h
  • tutorial: 12h
  • practicals: 16h
  • seminar: 4h
  • ECTS: 6