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Seminars (UE S1-11 and UE S3-13)

These seminars provide students with the opportunity to get to know partners from industry and academia, who will give presentations on their activities. This allows students to appreciate the role of nanotechnology in the socioeconomic world. Ethical and legal aspects of the increasing utilization of nanotechnology will also be covered.

Examples of seminars

  • Evolution of nanotechnology in microelectronics (CEA Leti)
  • Hybrid nanomaterials (Nano-H)
  • Nanotechnology and nanomaterials in electron microscopy (Arkema)
  • Liquid lenses – an optical revolution (Varioptic)
  • Innovation and research in the Saint-Gobain Group - focus on thin films
  • Energy Applications of Nanotechnology (AREVA)
  • High quality ZnO thin film coatings and nanostructures (Nanovation)
  • Very large scale integration of nano-electromechanical systems: development of a new generation of ultra-sensitive sensors for advanced solutions in biological applications (CEA Leti and California Institute of Technology)
  • Detection of engineered nanoparticles using commercially-available and laboratory-made instrumentations: application to workplace surveillance and process monitoring (INERIS)
  • Carbon nanotubes: from the laboratory to commercial development (Arkema)


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course volume

  • 1-2 seminars per month
  • ECTS: 1